Sunday 7 March 2010

Progress on quartering

Yesterday was Abingdon Show. I'm not sure how they did. There were plenty of people queuing to get in right at the beginning but it never got to being heaving, which is actually a good thing.

I was pleased with Mospick Halt which ran well all day. One nice lady described as lovely and clean. That just makes me want to make it dirtier :-)

Now the show is over and there are no more exhibition bookings it is time to make some real progress on 3mm locos. As I mentioned before it looked like the quartering was out on the Watford Tank. I broke the superglue holding the wheels on and fiddled until I got it right. I've also made a piece of test track for the rolling road and it works! Just having a flat piece of track for the rolling road to sit on makes a huge difference.

All I have to do now is cure why it waddles like a duck.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Abingdon Show and Mospick Halt

It's March so it must be Abingdon show. It's at the White Horse Leisure Centre and I can see it from my lab at Sophos. I'm taking Mospick Halt and a friend from Oxford Club is coming to help operate. Well actually he will probably operate whilst I wander round trying not to spend money.

I've finished 'Joan'. I need to find some etched nameplates for both locos and then they will be done, though maybe a coat of varnish won't go amiss.

If you come to the show then do come and say hello. I'd tell you the stand number but I seem to have mislaid the paperwork...

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