Friday 22 July 2022

The Exhibition

When I first had the idea of building Melin Dolrhyd I had the vague thought that it would be nice to exhibit it at the Welshpool Railway itself and, all being well, Melin Dolrhyd is set to appear at the Welshpool Gala, this coming September. There are a some details on the WLLR website and some more on the 009 Diary. The gala itself takes place from Friday 2nd September to Sunday 4th September.

There is a list of ideas for the layout, most of which are around adding detailing and building stock. There isn't enough time to build the two Golden Arrow engines I have for the layout but there is sufficient time to finish a collection of half built stock.

In the front are 13 incomplete wagons which range from one that needs surgery to correct warped solebars to the brake van that is just missing transfers. I've started a discussion with Custom Model Decals about producing some transfers which, with a following wind, should be available in time. At the back are 6 completed wagons that have no stock box to go in. That is another job that needs doing!

It's 7 weeks till the show so that ought to be enough time even though I am not the fastest worker. Let's see...

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