Tuesday, 22 March 2022

First Outing of the Year

Progress on Ashover models has slowed to a crawl. There is news to report but that will have to wait for another post. This weekend I am taking Melin Dolrhyd out for its first exhibition this year.

I will be at Nailsea Exhibition on Saturday and Sunday. I've checked the engines still run and am digging out all the extra bits I need to take for the layout. I've been thinking what can go wrong and trying to ensure I have enough bits to effect the more likely repairs that could be needed. It will also be the first time with the new car. I did buy the car to fit the layout but I never actually tried putting the layout in it...

If you are down near Nailsea then do pop in and say hello. Nailsea Club do have a website but it is lacking in detail due to some technical issues. If you want to see details on the exhibition itself  I suggest you check out the UK Model Shop entry.

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