Sunday 25 March 2012

Murphy's Law

I made some progress yesterday in that I completed the rewiring of the layout. It was only 6 sections that needed to be brought to a central point and then the NCE PCP board had to be wired in.

Today's job was to rewire a Grafar loco to DCC. Fortunately the guys at DCC Supplies have manufactured something called a DiGi-HatTM which makes the job relatively easy.

So the loco was dismantled, the old brush housing removed and the DiGi-Hat inserted and it slops around. The instructions say " If it is a sloppy fit then it has either been drilled out or is a rare variant and you need a Phat-HatTM. As I've owned this loco since new I know I haven't drilled it out so I suppose I should be proud to have a rare item. However, I now have to wait 2 or 3 days for a Phat-Hat to arrive - have decided this is one job I would like not to be bodged.

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