Friday, 1 September 2017

A circuit!

The trackwork is all down, 9 months after starting the layout. This layout has really been built backwards. The typical approach to layout building has always been to get the track down first to get something running and build the scenery up afterwards. In this case it was obvious to me that the first thing I needed to do was get the embankment correct at the front of the layout. If I couldn't make that look right then it would not be worth proceeding. It is the focal point of the layout.

The track electrics on the fiddle yard were completed this last weekend and a small control panel added which you can see at the back right of the photo. In the control panel is one of those PWM controllers you can pick up off Ebay for a few pounds. Add a 12V supply and a DPDT switch and you are done. The embankment has been wired and a train has been run. Just the end curves have no electricity just yet.

I'll post about the electrics next but all the components have now arrived but not the interconnecting cables which are due this weekend. 1 week to go and I will have the first train run all the way round.

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