Friday, 19 February 2021

The longest project ever

 Looking back through my blog stream I see that I first posted about the Welshpool coaches in December 2019 and even then they had been on the bench for a while. At last I can report that there has been significant progress. It's still glacial progress but it is definitely progress.

All three have the main bodywork done. Readers with very long memories may recall these are Worsley Works scratch aid kits. They were built with the sides soldered to the floor and a variety of detailing parts added

  • wire and brass strip form the truss rods and queen posts
  • V hanger and my own 3D printed vacuum cylinder
  • finer rods and a frame around the top of the balconies
  • vacuum hoses from Alan Gibson
  • long Greenwich couplings from Tramfabriek
  • door handles and hinges from Roxey Mouldings
  • bogies from Liliput

Allen, at Worsley Works, has also produced internal partitions which are a great addition. The coaches have been sprayed with a bronze green and then a mixture of Humbrol paints have been used for the detailing.

The next stage is transfers and it was looking like having to cut out individual letters from different transfers in different scales but a chance encounter with Andrew Jeffcock of Custom Model Decals convinced me to get him to design a complete set for me and those are now on order and expected soon.

I'm now working on the roofs. More on those in the next post.

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