Monday, 28 September 2009

Opening an account

Okay, it had to be done. I've got a website, I've just started on Facebook, now I really am going to have to have a blog. Spent Sunday morning, before the Grand Prix, at the Banbury show and chatted to Phil Parker for a while about a wide range of subjects and decided I really must get off my backside and start a blog.

What's the aim of this blog, well it's a shameless promotion of my modelling activities. With a following wind it will also be another spur to do more modelling, something very necessary with a full time job. I suspect it won't be completely railways related. With 'her indoors' having a doll's house there are sometimes modelling tasks there that might be worth reporting on.

So, what is my current modelling like. Strictly speaking I have 2 layouts on the go and 2 further ideas being experimented with.

  • First, Chorminster is a bit of 3mm. It's just one board and was designed to trial 3mm modelling. A great scale but I confess to finding making a working chassis a tad difficult. Others appear to have mastered the art a bit easier. For myself it's clearly going to take longer
  • Second, Mospick Halt was a quickie layout in OO9. To a large extent finished, but with 2 exhibition invites in the next 6 months I need to finish building some stock so expect a few articles soon.
  • Third, I want to play with DCC. consequently I got myself an NCE PowerCab and a Bachmann Ivatt 2-6-0 and now I need somewhere to try them together :-)
  • Fourth, I frittered away some dosh on a T gauge loop and trains. Watch this space for what my wife wants to do with it!
  • Lastly I am the layout steward for Chertonwell, Oxford MRC's flagship N gauge layout.

There it is, everything carried out in a room 7ft by 5ft 6in. Did I say that small layouts tend to be the order of the day!

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