Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Parkside Dundas Coach

I've had these coaches around for a while. They're a nice size and relatively easy to put together. I have built them pretty much as per the original kit. the one modification I made was to the bogie fixings. I literally screwed a bolt into the underside of the coach. It holds well and can be unscrewed for maintenance.

One strange point is that the far bogie has a brake wheel stanchion fited to the bogie itself. Unfortunately it is so close to the body of the coach that the bogie can't turn so well in one direction. It's not a problem for running on Mospick Halt. I just have to make sure which way round I put the coach on the track.

The door handles are not painted. I just used a gold pen that Jill normally uses for writing cards. It comes off after a while but is easily replaced. A coat of varnish would help the colour remain.

I have two more coaches just waiting for some people to go in them before the roof is put on.

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