Sunday 10 January 2010

Coaches finished

Okay, so not a lot of progress since September - lots of the usual reasons. However, I have a show next Sunday -
Mospick Halt is at the Beds and Bucks open day for the 009 Society (details on the society website here).

Over Christmas I managed to do some modelling and as the Kidlington Scoutrail exhibition has been cancelled I have made quite a bit of progress and the coaches are finished. As I said in my previous post, I built them pretty much as instructed. I came across two issues, one expected and one not:

The coaches are very light. They were jumping off in several places on my track. In the end I added as much lead as I could under the underframe. It had a very good effect but still they derailed at a particular point and at a particular curve.

The other problem was the back to back measurements. I've got a back to back gauge and I used it to check the wheels and found two coaches were fine but the one was badly out and this was the one that kept coming off. A quick set of the back to back and hey presto - it still came off over certain points!

Much head scratching and running of the coach over the point convinced me that the coach was riding up on the flange rail. Got the vernier out and there is was. Despite the back to back gauge fitting the wheel set perfectly it still wasn't enough for this point. Made the wheelset wider and I have 3 new coaches that run over all the points!

The only problem is when I pull them with the new loco they still derail on a bend - more on that in another post.

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