Sunday, 10 January 2010

Working Lamps

When I set out to build Mospick Halt I wanted to have working lights in the buildings. I managed to light the engine shed and the church but I ran out of enthusiasm when I got to the pub...

However, I was sure I would have lights on the platforms but they all seemed very expensive for what they were until I came across
Kytes Lights at the Swindon show in 2009. I can't remember the exact price but they seemed good value for money and they had a flexible stem and base so you could make them as tall as you wanted.

I decided to install them and realised that really that base was just too huge. The picture shows the original one on the left. It widens to 6mm at the bottom - 18 inches in real life. To replace it I found some plastic tube that needed drilling out. I put a chamfer on the top and slid it onto the original tube - much better to my eye.

I now had a white base and a black shiny top and let's face it, black shiny plastic looks like black shiny plastic so it needed painting. I decided to prime first using my favourite brush primer - Liquitex Acrylic Gesso. It's white and it seems to stick to everything.

After that it's a couple of coats of whatever colour you fancy, in my case 'Rich Transparent Red Oxide'. The picture shows the before during and after stages of the transformation. Just don't look closely at the paint job, the photo will magnify to far greater than real size and looks rubbish.

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