Wednesday 26 December 2012

Fresh Start

It's been a while coming but finally decisions have been made and a start has been made. I've had plenty of ideas but have come down to a few core ideas that I want to achieve. In no particular order they are:

  1. Exhibitable - it would be good to be properly on the exhibition circuit
  2. Able to be left up at home
  3. A town scene where the trains go between the buildings as on the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway
  4. A continuous run - it is nice to just watch trains occasionally
  5. Computer controlled
I had some boards that I had built for my 3mm work which I increased in width and two of those are capable of being set up in the spare room at a push with us still able to put other junk in the room.

The Welshpool and Llanfair Railway is particularly interesting and the book by Glyn Williams has some superb pictures. There are many cameos that can be modeled especially where the railway runs over the brook between the buildings.

For computer control I have moved on from my NCE starter set and bought the professional version from Kevin at Coastal DCC. Kevin was really helpful. He happily had a phone call with me one evening and we discussed the different options and what would and wouldn't connect. It was a straight choice between switching over completely to Digitrax and LocoNet or staying with NCE and mix and matching different manufacturers offerings to make it all work. I stuck with NCE as I prefer their handset and most of the extra work involved is just common sense.

So it's Christmas and what else do you do except eat, drink and work on the railway. The track plan is a simple circle. There is a 4 road fiddle yard at the rear and a passing loop at the station at the front. This will allow 4 trains to be run in a sequence. There will also be a goods area for shunting and showing off wagons.

I have made use of the new Peco mainline 009 points. At 18" radius I am hoping for better running than with the standard 9" radius points. I have used 2 Y points in the fiddle yard as these are 12" radius. I've laid the outer track only and now am going to wire it up and prove to myself I can connect all the DCC electronics successfully.


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